Dyson dc40 brush not spinning

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Dyson dc40 brush not spinning

If you are getting strange noises from your Dyson vacuum cleaner, listen very carefully as each one is telling you something different. Look through the list and see if you can spot your strange noise. Strange noise from your Dyson?

Fix it with one of our step by step videos! This is a new feature for so we are in the process of adding new videos monthly so if your model isn't available yet then check back or drop us an email.

dyson dc40 brush not spinning

If you are getting a whistling noise, that usually indicates an air leak vacuum leak of some kind. If you also have a loss of suction, make sure you check for blockages, torn seals, or parts not fitted correctly such as u-bends etc. If this has moved even slightly this may be causing the whistling, try removing the seal and putting the filter back in. To diagnose this properly then remove the HEPA filter the one in the ball turn it back on and off again. If the noise has gone then replace the HEPA filter with a new one.

Go to our parts store to order one. This will involve a motor and usually a post motor filter replacement as it usually burns the post filter or at best traps that lovely smell in the filter for eternity. Sometimes a popping noise is a bit simpler. All Dyson vacuum cleaners are fitted with something called a bleed valve, if the Dyson becomes blocked the bleed valve opens allowing air to get to the motor so it doesn't get too hot and fail.

Go to our suction problems page to troubleshoot it. If you hear the dreaded ratcheting noise it'll scare your kids and pets and make you switch it off immediately. It sounds like a football rattle but worse. The ratcheting noise only happens on Dyson vacuum cleaners with a clutch. Don't know the difference?

Look at the two models below, the one to the left does not have a clutch the one to the right does. Still don't see it? Look at the bottom left of each machine, the purple ones have a purple dial meaning it has a clutch could be any colour dial the yellow one doesn't.

Anyway, back to the ratchet noise.

dyson dc40 brush not spinning

This usually only happens when something is obstructing the brushbar, it stops the brushbar to prevent the belt from breaking clutch belts cannot be replaced by the customer and makes the ratchet noise to warn you. Removing the obstruction, like a sock or paperclip from the brushbar will usually get it working again. If you remove the obstruction and it still ratchets, then unplug your Dyson and try turning the brushbar by hand. It should be quite loose, if not remove the brushbar by grabbing it and twisting and pulling until it comes out.

Spray some WD40 in the ends if necessary, put the end caps back on the brushbar and try again. If it is still tight to turn then I recommend a new brushbar.

If the brushbar is spinning freely by hand then the odds are it will require a new clutch. We sell these in our parts store one clutch fits most models, the only exception is any DC03 and the DC04 Zorbster model.

We sell all clutches and brushbars in our parts store. If your Dyson vacuum cleaner is making a loud vibrating or revving noise. First thing to try is empty your bin and make sure there are no blockages, if that doesn't solve it then remove the brushbar and then try switching your Dyson back on again.

If the noise is normal again then it is your brushbar or possibly clutch if applicable. Remove the brushbar, cut off any hair, remove the end caps of the brushbar and apply grease, WD etc to the bearings.We use cookies to make the site easier to use.

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Grabbit while you can It's Gone, but was it any good? I won! BuntyB Forumite posts. Evening Purchased the Dyson DC40 today. The brush bar is not rotating when the machine is switched, tried the grey button for the brush, makes no difference. I will be returning the machine tomorrow for a refund but would like to find out if others have had similar problem and what their opinions are on the DC40 and if there are any other vacuum cleaners you can recommend.

I am disappointed to what appears to be very cheap plastic finish to the Dyson- much preferred the old style. Myser Forumite 1. If my post hasn't helped you, then don't click the 'Thanks' button! A Vax Air vacuum had been my 2nd choice and now wished I had gone for that, but had gone for the Dyson as I had a Dyson old style previous to what I have now and it had worked fine until Mr B decided to use it to hoover up bits of plaster.

Will not be contacting Dyson as the product is faulty so will be returning it to where it was purchased for a refund. Having had a wee look on the internet, it looks like its a common problem.Full Dyson vacuum model number list. With photos. Manchester Vacs on. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? News: Full Dyson vacuum model number list.

Hi, tested the brush head on my DC40 and it's fine. The brush head switch is fine but no power to the socket at the brush head. So it's definitely the yoke cable at fault. I've tried to remove the yoke but haven't succeeded yet. Anybody have a link or idiots guisde to remove the yoke to get to the cable please?

It's similar to a DC41 yolk replacement. It's been almost two years since I owned a DC40 so I'm going by memory: Remove the hose from the back of the vacuum's ball Remove the balls Filter side and unscrew all the visible screws for the filter holder grill and the other side has a glamour cap which needs to be turned anti clockwise, then there's a black ring which needs to be turned anticlockwise to be screwed off The left hand side will then come off.

The yolk assembly then comes off from both sides of the motor housing and it's pretty easy when you do it, it may look hard but it's much easier than you think. DC14s are tanks, just need a slightly longer motor life. Do plastic parts often break on DC14s? DC Sexy looking futuristic and powerful machine. Just needs a better designed cleaner head wheel and cyclone clip along with a dense metal rod in the chassis.

Hi, thanks so much.

dyson dc40 brush not spinning

I was almost there without actually knowing it. What a horrible design that yoke wiring etc is! Whoever designed that should be ashamed. Got it all back together apart and working from the toothed notched wheel thing. I just couldn't line it up with it on so removed it. What does it actually do because it locks in postion upright without it. You're welcome : Glad to hear it worked out well for you.

Not really sure of the intended purpose, sorry. Hi All, I just wondered what tools i will need to disassemble the DC40 to replace the yoke cable? I am hoping to fix my dyson this afternoon after work so if you know what tools are needed i can take some home for the evening. Any replies by 2pm will be much appreciated! Which is your favourite Dyson? Ah brilliant thankyou.Please check that this is your model before following the advice on this page. Remove the clear bin and lift up the inspection port cover.

Clear blockages if needed. Lay machine down on front and take off the red internal hose collar. Inspect the internal hose for blockages and remove them as needed. Hair and other types of debris can get caught in the brushbar and weaken the suction of the device. Flip the device, remove the red C clip and the soleplate, and clear any stuck debris. With the soleplate still off, check the opening of the vacuum for any blockages or stuck items and remove them if found. Remove and check wand for debris.

Remove and check the hose and hose inlet for blockages or damage. Most Dyson vacuums have a built in safety system that stops the machine if it begins to overheat. Check your filter to determine if it needs washing or to see if the machine is blocked.

If the vacuum is turning off on its own, unplug it and leave it to cool down for at least an hour. Check the filter and look for blockages before restarting it. Turn power off and unplug the machine. Remove the clear bin from the machine by pressing the cyclone release.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Troubleshooting

Remove Filter A by lifting the release catch to remove the filter from the machine. To remove Filter B recline the machine on its back and turn the central locking dial on the outer cover of the ball counter-clockwise until the cover is released.

Wash both filters in cold water only up to ten times. Leave the filters to dry in a warm place for 24 hours, until completely dry. Lie the machine on its front. Then, detach the red 'C' clip which is located at the connection between the cleaner head and the main body of the vacuum. Pull the cleaner head away from the main body using a constant, firm pressure.Check to see if the brush bar spins when the machine is reclined in the cleaning position!

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You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. Replacing the belt will not help suction as such, but it will make the machine pick up again. The agitation of the brush turning aids in pickup. If the machine has no suction at the lower hose, you must check the carriage mechanism where the valve cover lifts out from to make sure it is switching over when the machine is reclined.

Also, you know the machine will only suck from the cleaner head when it is reclined, yes? If you are testing it in the upright position then suction is diverted to the wand. The brush roller will not turn. Occasionally it will if you hold the handle at a certain angle. The brush is clean and debris free.

Is it the clutch? What you have there is a broken loom in the hinging mechanism.

Dyson DC40 vacuum cleaner faulty

Or possibly a micro switch. But fitting it is not really an amateur job. Unless you are quite experienced with this stuff, I would give that one to a local Dyson specialist to fix.

It sound that your DC15 have an electric issue, may be electronics. Any question please call or stop by at S University Blvd. Hi Angus, hoping you can help.

I have a DC14 Blitz It with a clutch. I replaced a clutch a while back and all seemed ok. I have always assumed I am supposed to manually kick it on — which I do. This has served ok but recently I notice that the vacuum seems to stick to the floor due to too much suction at the base, whether on carpet or hard floor. After toying around I find that the soleplate itself has a pivot where the brush bar is mounted and that after a few seconds of use the soleplate tilts the front up and vacuuming becomes impossible.

How to replace the brush bar on your Dyson DC40 or DC42 vacuum

If I pull the soleplate front down again, it works fine until it pops back up. Any ideas would be really appreciated! Manfromcleves on Jan 5th you are a star. Your remedy of removing the roller end caps and removing approximately 18 years of muck,dust and hair from the metal posts has done the trick. Many many thanks.

I have a DC 14 Animal and the brush bar stopped turning. I replaced the clutch and still no luck.

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I reclined it with it on carpet and still nothing. What else could it be and is it worth fixing? How do i fit a drive belt to my yellow dyson 04, it is encased where the belt is supposed to be threaded through. Help please.Full Dyson vacuum model number list.

With photos. Manchester Vacs on. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? News: Full Dyson vacuum model number list. Quote from: autovac01 on March 10,PM.

I dont think anyone said they were easy. Which is your favourite Dyson? All working perfect but what a tw t May someone briefly explain how to get the machine's right side of the ball off? I'm guessing it's in the ball, correct? I'm just jumping into one for the first time today, along with a big ball. Do you mean this Headchoice? Also attached a picture of the broken wire DC40 1. DC40 2. Why yes, so that top picture is just underneath the right ball cover and the second picture with the wire, that's around the bottom of the machine when it's been completely disassembled?

Believe it or not the guy who brought the machine on went irate on me shortly after posting this, I explained it was a difficult procedure I hadn't done before and I was going through the proper channels to ensure I did not break his machine. After you guys helped me with that DC15 I've already done another since and it was a piece of cake but man, you sure can't please everyone.

I was just about to tear into it too, kinda bummed. I appreciate this forum and all of you here. In answer to your questions; Yes and Yes.Full Dyson vacuum model number list. With photos. Manchester Vacs on. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email?

News: Full Dyson vacuum model number list. You are a pioneer. Not many have worked on these yet! Which is your favourite Dyson? Must be a popular thing on these. We had one in today with no power going to the cleanerhead.

The Brush Won't Spin on My Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

I remembered what you had said here and guest what? Yup, broken wire exactly as you described. Ashlec Member Posts: 58 Country:. Hi Just had a DC40 in with same problem.

Looks like this will be a common problem. The wire are actually being sliced or cut, unfortunately this job had to be a fast turn around, so I was unable to try and see what was cutting the wires, but it doesn't look like it is just due to flexing. Couldn't figure out how the cyclone assembly came apart. Pulled, tappedtwisted, nothing!!

A blast with the air line cleaned it up well though. The one we did above came back a week later duff again. We extended the wire this time to see if that helps. I agree, the wire looks like a clean slice and not much is obvious as to what might have caused that. Meanwhile, I have ordered in some looms. I think we are gonna need them. To be honest I have advised the customer that this will probably be a temporary repair as I can see this failing again soon! Was gonna order some looms but they don't seem to be in stock with the wholesalers I use.

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Quote from: Ashlec on March 11,AM. The small loom to fix this problem is this one. Hi, we just got one of these in, looks possible it might be the same wiring problem.

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Can someone explain how to get at these wires? We cannot see how to remove the second half of the ball or which 2 screws you refer to. So we finally got into one donated to us or we would not have risked it and true to form the white wire is broken.

But its wasn't as easy as you made out. We're not convinced it will go back together so we have the greatest respect to any of you who have achieved it.


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